Nitin Singh, Ph.D.

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada). Currently, I am working with Dr. Nandita Basu on a global hydrology project and a nutrient modelling work in the Great Lakes basin.

News and Updates

May 13, 2016 Finally, our paper on multi-decadal patterns of stream DOC published!
Dec 1, 2017  Happy to be invited by WRR Editors to present our isotope work in                                 WRR's session at AGU Fall Meeting 2017 in New Orleans. 
Mar 8, 2018  Our lab paper on ES and Biodiversity is out in ESA Frontiers 
Mar 26, 2018  Our paper on role of floodplains in mitigating flooding and stream                                power is out in Science of the Total Environment  
July 24, 2018  Our paper led by Kelly Suttles @ NC State on the influence of loss of                          forests to urbanization on streamflow is out in                                                                  Science of the Total Environment  
Nov 30, 2018  Our paper on shallow groundwater responses to storms from                                          Coweeta LTER is out in Water Resources Research
Apr 10, 2019  Our paper on spatial optimization of wetlands came out in
                       Environmental Research Letters
Sept 6, 2019 Our paper on Granger Causality of groundwater patterns is published                           in Nature Scientific Reports
Feb 22, 2020 Our paper led by Jesse (UVM) on how to incorporate equity in                                            floodplain restoration is published in Global Environmental Change.
May 12, 2020  Our paper led by Charles (UVA@ Larry Band's Lab) comparing                                runoff  subsurface generation processes across three forested                                    headwater catchments is published in Hydrological Processes.
July 30, 2020  Our paper on Bayesian modeling of food, groundwater, and climate                       connections is out in PloS One.  
Sep 17, 2021  My fourth and final dissertation paper on soil moisture response                        storm and related drivers is out in Water Resources Research.  
Feb 24, 2022 Our paper on changing seasonal flow regimes and their intimate connection with human alterations across North America is out in Nature Sustainability.
Mar 12, 2022 Our work on changing seasonal flow regimes across North America featured in USA today